With 1,300 years of history, Arima is the oldest Onsen (hot spring) town in Japan.

Sick or injured people have long descended onto the village, nestled in Kobe, just behind Mount Rokko, in the hopes of getting a healing from the famous golden springs.

But for years, only traditional Japanese inns have been available for tourists hoping to experience the beautiful scenery and culture of this hidden treasure.

Now, a new style of guesthouse will be available to those travelling to the picturesque destination.

Brücke Hostel & Cafe ARIMA Kobe will open on Thursday, December 20 2018 - offering a relaxed and inexpensive experience with friendly staff.

The small hostel, named after the German word meaning "Bridge", is at the approach to Tsuesesute-bashi bridge in Kobe, Arima Onsen.

Tsuesute means to throw away the cane and was the entrance to this enchanting town in the olden days.

Legend has it that people who were sick or injured would come to the village for a healing - throwing away their cane after being energised by the Arima Onsen.

Our wish is that our guesthouse becomes a healing and refreshing place and like this bridge (Brücke) it connects guests to Arima Onsen.

Cafe & Bar

Brücke’s cafe bar is open to all guests for anything from a casual chat with a friend and a spot to chill out to those needing to concentrate on work.

The cafe bar is open from 8am to 10pm with the smell of freshly baked croissants and ground coffee to entice you in. We also provide open sandwiches, cheesecakes and drinks during these open times. You can enjoy beer, wine and whisky with the fresh snacks.


8:00~22:00 (Everyday)

Café Menu

Coffee 300(S) 400(T) / Café au lait 400(S) 500(T) / Cafe Latte 400(S) 500(T) / Soy Latte 500(S) 600(T) / Honey Latte 500(S) 600(T) / Americano 300 (S)400(T) / Tea 400(S) 500(T)


“When I travel, I want to go out as much as possible and enjoy the city. During the day, I can explore the hot spring area of Arima before enjoying the hot springs at night. After going to the inn, I only need to go to bed.”

We are preparing 10 dormitory beds at an affordable price with a relaxed atmosphere.


Dormitory From 4,000/person (10 persons max.)

Twin room From 8,000/room (2 persons max.)

Japanese room From 10,000/room(3 persons max.)


1 shower room

No hot spring